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Open House

Open House - Private Career Fair

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CareerIntro is the leading provider of Professional Career Fairs hosted in cities nationwide.  However, if you have immediate hiring needs and we are not having an event in your area, our Open House recruiting solution is a great option.  This is your own custom career fair, targeting candidates with the background YOU desire, promoting YOUR Company and advertising YOUR open position.  We can set up these Open House events for any type of position, in any market across the United States. 


  • Customized career fair:  You pick the date, time, location and type of candidates to attract, we promote the event specifically with your companies needs in mind.
  • Short lead time:  We only need a minimum of 2 weeks to set up and market the event.
  • Turnkey solution:  We perform all aspects of marketing, including but not limited to job board advertising, online marketing, email campaign, telemarketing, and social media recruiting.
  • One low flat fee:  No matter how many hires you make, 1 or 10, you pay the same flat fee which is a fraction of the cost of traditional hiring methods.

How It Works

  • Your Company:  Establish the best location, date, and time for the event.
  • Your Company:  Provide a job description of the position to be filled, along with detail regarding compensation, benefits, and perks.
  • Your Company:  Provide a profile of your ideal candidate, including years of experience, education level, professional licenses, etc.
  • CareerIntro:  Create marketing campaigns, including but not limited to event page, job board advertisements, and email campaigns.
  • CareerIntro:  Begin marketing campaign, promoting your company, open positions, benefits, location and time of your “Open House”.
  • Your Company:  Open House Day.  Meet candidates, conduct onsite interviews, hire great talent!


CareerIntro - Hire Sales Representatives from CareerIntro on Vimeo.



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